About Millefeuille

Millefeuille refers to the French word, literally “thousand leaves”. It refers also to Achillea Millefolium, Achillée Millefeuille, known commonly as Yarrow or thousand-leaf, a flowering plant used as a medicinal plant.

Millefeuille is an innovative high-end Beauty Collection developed not to be only topical but also imbibed. A New Zealand natural beauty brand.

Millefeuille is based in the "City of Sails" New Zealand’s North Island Auckland region, lying between the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean and the Manukau Harbour on the Tasman sea. Located in the creative district of Parnell, Millefeuille operates from Level Two, a Centre of Innovation for deep tech companies that are tackling global problems; one of the largest private tech clusters in New Zealand. 


About this website

Yes, all our products are available for worldwide delivery.

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About the Skincare Collection

Millefeuille Skin Care is a premium, certified organic, anti-aging face and body care collection created and made in New Zealand. Millefeuille was designed by French founders, driven by a same inspiration to create an authentic beauty collection that combines the glamourous French heritage of style with New Zealand’s spirit of discovery and eco-conscious culture.

Crafted with noble and pure ingredients, elements of Millefeuille’s signature, sourced for their authentic quality and effectiveness, it results in natural products full of integrity. Moreover, Millefeuille skin care contains none of the potentially harmful chemicals such as petrochemicals, parabens, phenoxyethanols, sulfates, polyethylene glycol, artificial colour or synthetic fragrance; free from genetically modified organisms. The utmost care has been taken in the development of Millefeuille’s signature formulae to ensure the best performance, retaining the specific therapeutic qualities.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s pure environment, its biodiversity, and skill in natural product processing provides the perfect location to pursue the venture first conceived in France. Moreover, Tasman Bay, Millefeuille’s first base, is a region where centres of research operate and help, thanks to their expertise, to protect the environment and encourage sustainable development, and use the latest extraction methods. All Millefeuille Skin Care products are exclusively designed, manufactured and packed in New Zealand.

Certified Organic Skin Care implies that each Millefeuille skin care product contains pure, natural and certified ingredients; that the highest organic standard in New Zealand for health and beauty products has been met throughout the entire production process.

To be certified organic, products need to adhere to strict criteria, which include high production standards for sourcing, processing and packaging. This also includes having the ingredients grown and harvested without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic chemicals and growth agents while also being free from irradiation and chemical sterilisation.

BioGro is New Zealand and Pacific’s leading organic certifier. This organic certification confirms that the ingredient claims on the packaging and marketing are authentic and genuine and have been validated by an organic certifying authority.

The Millefeuille ethos - Infusing World Beauty - and ethnobotanical approach are to source and infuse in New Zealand’s preserved environment, the finest skin care ingredients originating from the five continents, respectful of the biodiversity of plants and natural resources. For that reason, Millefeuille skin care contains the purest and rare prickly pear seed oil from Chihuahuan desert, wonderful baobab seed oil from Africa, superb edelweiss extract from the Alps, tabasheer and seabuchthorn berries from the Himalayan forests, Tonka bean from the Amazon and the Persian damascus rose. New Zealand rainforest and Millefeuille’s birthplace is an untouched source of bio actives and endemic ingredients. For that reason, Millefeuille infuses in its products exceptional ingredients from indigenous trees, like the totara, the purest Takaka springs water and an exceptional and exclusive ingredient, New Zealand natural astaxanthin, issued from algae and considered to be the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Please refer to the MFMAG, Astaxanthin, Nature’s secret weapon.

Millefeuille products are designed to be gentle skin anti-aging formulations, developed with the utmost care, with no use of alcohol or ethanol. Rather than using distillate, like most organic brands, our choice is that all our products contain in their formulations New Zealand’s Takaka Springs water for its great purity and gentleness. However, what is completely safe on most people does not mean that it cannot be allergen on one person: anyone can react to a specific ingredient or active in any formulation. For this reason, Millefeuille always recommend patch testing any new skin care product on a small area of the under arm’s skin before general application.

For safety reason, preservation of skin care products is absolutely essential. As a certified organic skin care range, Millefeuille’s products contain no parabens in all its formulations. Millefeuille ‘s preservative system is a unique blend globally approved in ecological and certified organic products, by ECOCERT and COSMOS standards, with the adjunction of natural extracts.

No. Millefeuille does not test on animals and ensures that the suppliers of its ingredients follow the same policy.

With the exception of wild thyme honey, made using nectar from flowers, and used by bees as a vital source of energy, Millefeuille does not use animal products. Please refer to the MF Garden  Botany Board to find out the complete description of Millefeuille’s raw materials.

Several ingredients contribute to particular benefits in a different way. The expertise requires a carefully balanced formulation composed with complementary ingredients: a real challenge when working with natural and organic ingredients. Natural Astaxanthin is a key ingredient, exclusive and used for the first time in a skin care product.

Concerned by the issues facing the environment, Millefeuille supports this beneficial approach using materials from sustainable sources. Millefeuille’s Skin Care products are packaged in recyclable glass, the paper materials used come from sustainably grown forests, both chemical-free and water-free plate-making with printing inks that are vegetable based.

Yes, Millefeuille contributes to community’s development. Please refer to the MFMAG, Samoa The new Green wave.

Natural glass is a beautiful, natural and recycable material. Millefeuille uses double wall frosted or shaded glass or airless packaging in order to protect skin care products from possible contamination or light, avoid deterioration of bioactive ingredients and antioxidants and optimize the shelf life of the product.


About the Premium Leaf Tea Collections

The skin being the largest organ of the body and interfacing with the environment, it requires all our care and attention. Tea is high in antioxidants, known as polyphenols, considered important for combating free radical damage that contributes to some chronic and ageing diseases. Please refer to the MFMAG, The Tea Journey.

Each tea has its own character. A wonderful array to explore: from light and delicate, to full-bodied and robust. Some differences of health promoting properties also exist from each class of tea.

Our collection of famous teas, exquisite crafted blends and BB Teas can only be purchased as they are available as loose leaves.

By its adherence to organic farming and nutrients of high quality that help nourish the skin from the inside out.

All our Tea Collections are only Premier Connoisseur Grade. Moreover, the Beauty Blend Tea Collection, part of the Millefeuille beauty regime, is certified organic by Biogro.


About Contacting Millefeuille

You may contact us by registering through our website, using the online client contact form. The Millefeuille team is always attentive to answer all questions.