"Jade Dew"
Uji, Ky├┤to Prefecture - Organic

Gyokuro is regarded as the highest grade and upscale type of green tea from Japan, made only with the earliest leaf buds of the spring harvest. It is grown in the shade before harvest according to a certain method which requires skillful technique and great care. Several weeks before it is harvested, straw mats, thatched roofs are placed above the tea bushes to mute the springtime sunlight from above. The tea gains a distinct aroma from the covering process. Noble aroma and elegant sweetness are created by the shaded exposure from sunlight. Gyokuro is comprised of long, deep green, needle-like leaves with sweet aromas of buttered corn, toasted hazelnuts and steamed greens. Brewed, the leaves offer more vegetal aromas. The intense yellow-green infusion has a mellow, bittersweet scent.