Hon Yama
Shizuoka Prefecture - Organic

Sencha is the most common variety of Japanese green tea, it refers to the the dried tea leaves' processing method. The leaves are hand picked, deep steamed, and carefully dried right after harvesting. it yields a very rich liquor with grand aroma and a bright, brisk flavor. This Japanese green tea maintains a deep green luster with a fresh cut, lively, grassy taste. The flavor depends upon the season and place where it is produced, but it is considered that the most delicious sencha is from the first flush of the year, the shincha "new tea." Depending upon the temperature of the water in which it is decocted, the flavor may be different, relatively mellow with warm water; more astringent with hot water. This organic Sencha has a rich vegetal flavor with moderate bitterness and a slight nutty quality. The liquor is pale yellow, the flavor delicate and soft..