Millefeuille is the expression bearing the founding vision of the French founders, driven by a same inspiration, to create an authentic beauty collection that combines the glamorous French heritage of style with New Zealand’s spirit of discovery and eco-conscious culture, bringing together raw materials of genuine quality with the sense of innovation, craftsmanship and sensory goodness of a traditional Beauty House.


Millefeuille strives to push boundaries creating an innovative high-end Beauty Collection developed not only to be topical but also imbibed.

Beauty sourced from Nature is the soul of
Millefeuille Collection, a unique and boundless
inspiration to Millefeuille’s science

Designed to explore through one’s senses
the science of nature – to both nourish and
nurture, revealing the beauty within; worn or
imbibed, Millefeuille enables the pursuit of
healthy beauty for all who know that the
secret of renewal lies in Nature herself

Millefeuille is respectful of both humans and the biodiversity of plants.
Millefeuille supports producers, honourable and sustainable development,
and good pratice in environmentally responsible cultivation, fostering
people-to-people exchanges by encouraging sharing between communities.

Driven by informed intuition, Millefeuille introduces hedonistic botanical luxuries infused with the premium harvests of leaves, bark, roots, seeds, spices, delicate petals and finest fruits: all beneficial to one’s Health, Beauty and Wellbeing.

Thoroughly selected numerous natural active ingredients,
and infused in a most masterly manner, growing naturally
or ecologically harvested all over the world - such as

New Zealand’s unique biological resources - are sourced for their authentic quality and effectiveness.

Sustainable and ethical, Millefeuille’s ethnobotanical approach is illustrated by the selection of raw materials of constant quality, mindful that all raw materials infused in Millefeuille’s formulae are not involved in the destruction of the environment or rainforests, animal populations or other important widlife, and contribute to the maintenance and development of the dignified livelihood of native people.

Millefeuille certified organic pure virgin cold pressed coconut oil cultivation in Samoa Islands villages

Crafted with noble and pure ingredients, designed through Millefeuille’s science to lavish exclusive sensory crafted textures and natural botanical fragrances, the utmost care has been taken by Millefeuille’s scientists to ensure the best performance in the development of its signature formulae, retaining the specific therapeutic qualities and efficacy of its active ingredients.

It results in natural products full of integrity whose beauty secrets and sensory appeal are of the richly exceptional variety of such biodiversity of raw materials, brought and disclosed by Millefeuille in its exclusive formulae.

All Millefeuille’s Skin Care products are natural, crafted with
no genetically modified organisms and harmful chemicals,
scientifically tested and entirely certified organic by
Biogro, New Zealand’s premium leading Organic
Certifying Authority.

The Biogro Organic Certification is a guarantee that Millefeuille Skin Care
has met the rigorous Health and Body care standards required
to achieve the certification’s demands and are
proof of Millefeuille’s active commitment
to its customers, providing safety
conscious reassurance.