Age-resisting must.
Refreshingly exceptional, the Mexican’s Prickly Pear
Cactus, Chihuahuan desert’s It wonder that
quenches skin’s thirst and give women
a gorgeous and piquant charm...




Boosts moisture
Actively resists the sign of aging



Thirst Quenching Rich Cream


Prickly Pear seed oil is considered as a rare and one of the most expensive beauty oils. It offers a very high amount in essential fatty acids in natural compound, with a high proportion of linoleic acid (Omega 6), fatty acid that is absolutely essential for many different metabolic processes of the human organism which is not able to produce the acid itself. The high fatty acid content helps to tighten pores for a smoother and refined skin texture and to prevent premature wrinkles formation by increasing skin’s firmness.

Prickly Pear seed oil contains an exceptional and very potent bio active compound : the delta-7- stigmasterol, a very rare component found in the plant world. Also highly rich in Tocopherols - almost 150% more than in Argan oil - responsible for its impressive effectiveness as natural antioxidant.

Beneficial to sensitive skins, Prickly Pear seed oil, as an ideal ingredient for intense hydration, promotes a beautiful and healthy complexion, brightens hyper-pigmentation and the under-eye shadows. Supporting repair and providing protection from environmental stress, Prickly pear seed oil is a premium ingredient to quench skin’s thirst, useful to be used as a revitalizing daily moisturiser or after-sun moisturiser.


Opuntia Ficus Indica is a genus of cactus plant producing a fruit known as the prickly pear. Like all true cactus species, prickly pears are native from the Americas. Prickly pear cactus originates from the Mexican lands. It grows in arid deserts and has the ability to thrive in semi-arid condition. The prickly pear cactus stores water in its pads for use during the dry season.

The cactus produces fruit. The Prickly pear fruit contains numerous tiny hard seeds from which the precious Prickly pear seed oil is extracted. The prickly pear seeds are separated from the pulp and are dried before being cold-pressed. Prickly pear seed oil‘s natural extraction is a very time-consuming manual labor and laborious procedure. One seed contains only 5% of oil. By using the cold-pressed prickly pear seed oil and avoiding chemical extraction, all effective compounds benefitting the skin, are naturally preserved.

Prickly pear cacti produce flowers in a range of colors from yellow to pink. The gel-like sap extracted from its pads may be applied on sunburns. Some investigations are conducted as the flesh of the fruit was found to purify the water.